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it's misunderstood.

Over the past 30 years, governance has gradually become simply another compliance exercise, where boxes need to be ticked, codes need to be complied with and frameworks implemented.

Whilst useful and important, it's also problematic.

Governance is in fact something much broader.

It's about how well your organisation and everyone in it is steering.


it's murmuration.

There are many definitions of governance, however few really get to the heart of its beauty.

We think the best representation of governance is the murmuration of starlings.

We often ask, what do you see?







All attributes of a murmuration of starlings, and also a well run and managed organisation. 

So, governance is perhaps more about performance, than about compliance.



it's about performance.

If governance is about steering and it involves all of the attributes above, then you can see that it's not just about compliance.


It's about how well your organisation is performing, 

Its purpose

Its values

Its decisions

Its actions

We know from the research that organisations with good governance make more money, are more sustainable in the long-term, are more efficient and are more human.


it's about being human.

Organisations are simply groups of humans.

Whether it's a sports team, book club or a business, they are all just humans gathered together, almost always around a shared purpose.

Emerging research and codes around the world are acknowledging that the most significant element which influences the quality of an organisation's governance is its people.

How they behave

How they collaborate

How they lead

How they work

How they communicate

How they steer

It is often thought that it's the senior leadership that steer. The truth is more complex, however, as everyone steers. So, being able to measure how well everyone is steering is very important.

This is what we do.

This is what GOVindicia measures.



how we measure it.


Using both quantitative and qualitative data, directly from your organisation and you, we measure a human view from inside your organisation.

We use our assessment instrument to produce 40 governance related outcomes, all connected to our model and internally validated, with confidence levels.

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it means, "to steer".

The word 'governance' actually comes from the latin word 'gubernare'. 

Originally, "to steer or to pilot."

Figuratively "to guide or govern".

So, we see governance as how well everyone in an organisation is 'steering'.

What we call your organisation's Murmuration Factor.

With our governance expertise and academic comparison, we align your outcomes against many international corporate governance codes.

You can then review both your outcomes and your alignment through your own secure client dashboard.

What's the GOVindicia Survey?

  • It's an online series of statements.

  • Each of the statements is scored.

  • It takes about 20 minutes to complete.

  • There are no right or wrong answers.

  • All your answers are anonymous.

Watch this short video to learn how to complete the survey.